Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Day in the Life of....

EMMA!!! This little four year old is so amazing! Everyday she does something that just makes me smile.

She started off her day by writing a story. I caught her sitting on her little bed, talking to herself as she wrote about Belle and a little bird being caught in a cave. She has such an imagination. Her big sister, Grace is always writing stories and it seems Emma has joined her.

Next she decided that she just must play Grace's violin. If you look closely you'll notice her music book is actually a story book! LOL! We were surprised that we noticed a couple of notes from "Twinkle, Twinkle"....

After her bath it was time to do a little building. This she did without any help. She obviously gets this talent from PaPa who's an engineer.

After all the happenings (and costume changes) what's a girl to do but curl up with her best buddy and head off to dreamland.

God has certainly blessed our lives with this little angel...and all 3 of our little ladies. I'm glad I can share many days in their lives.


Barbara said...

I LOVE reading your blog as I can just picture your girls....all 3 of them and their momma with them.
Barb McAlister

BaysideBums said...

What a beautiful, busy little lady.

BaysideBums said...

What a beautiful, busy little lady.