Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Day Outside

"For we are an overwrought generation, running to nerves as a cabbage runs to seed; and every hour spent in the open is a clear gain, tending to the increase of brain power and bodily vigour, and to the lengthening of life itself. They who know what it is to have fevered skin and throbbing brain deliciously soothed by the cool touch of the air are inclined to make a new rule of life, 'Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.'"~Charlotte Mason

We had another gorgeous day today in the south! It was about 70F, sunny with a little breeze. The girls and I stayed outside all day! We went down to the boat house to read "Beautiful Girlhood". We're really enjoying this book-enough to read it on a Saturday! While we were there we were entertained by some friends.Five pelicans were fishing in the creek. A lone blue heron flew by a couple of times too. These are such beautiful birds. I've seen them hundreds of times but still am amazed at them.

While walking around for a bit just observing all the wonderful things God has placed around us, the girls spotted the perfect tree for a fort.

The big girls started the construction work on the fort leaving me and Emma to do a "natural" craft. We decided to pick up some shells to paint from our oyster shell drive. She and I both had fun painting pictures on the shells. Grace even joined in. A few days earlier we had painted on leaves.

The sun's going down and we're all tired, but very content. We can only hope that tomorrow will be as lovely.

(our big kitty-Lizzie Beth)

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Mermaid Maiden said...

I love it!! Everything was so pretty. And to think I got to experince it!!