Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Did I mention that we moved in????

FINALLY we've moved in!!!!! We've been in the house about a month. We've celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home. I've loved every minute of it! How blessed we feel to finally be here. No curtains, not all the furniture...but we're home. Here's a brief glimpse into our home.

Here's the kitchen on Christmas morning. I love having our extended family with us. Very comfortable. I love my kitchen!Mary's room-all Hollywood glam. Perfect for her. The opposite wall has a pic of Audrey Hepburn. Even I like her room!
Here's Grace's room. She's always loved brown and pink. It's perfect for her. I love the polka dots!Last but not least is Emma. Her bed is not complete, but we're patiently waiting. It's the perfect color of pink for a princess!

Here's my little yellow sewing room. I have this vision of it looking like a bedroom in
Granny's house. I love the iron bed and the old armoire that was my grandfather's. I'd love to make a quilt to put on the bed. Hanging on the armoire is a christening gown that I made for Emma. This room makes me feel happy!
Here's the study. Kind of blah right now.

The living room on Christmas morning!
One of my favorite things is the view out the windows. I love living in the deep south. Just look at the moss dripping from that old oak tree. That happens to be Aubbie our little orange cat climbing in the tree. Just beyond this is the creek.
Hopefully soon we'll have the house a little more decorated and pulled together. Maybe I'll post more pictures then. I have to say, I'm just happy to be here. We've waited so long and God has chosen to bless us beyond our wildest dreams. I'm so very content.


Grace at Home said...

I think it's just beautiful, Tammy! Thanks for giving us the tour. I love the oak tree and moss too. Wish you lived closer to us. :)

Wren said...

I LOVE IT! Your new house is gorgeous & magazine perfect but homey & welcoming all at the same time. You guys waited long enough for it, you deserve to enjoy it. I want to see pictures of that kitchen!!! I love the fireplace in the dining room, is it double sided into the living room...just trying to imagine it. Miss you!