Sunday, January 10, 2010

New stuff...kind of! LOL!

Why does it always seem that I'm trying to catch up? I like to think that it means my life is full. Full of love, family, friends and so many blessings! Never a dull moment here. I try to catch up. Sweet April wanted pictures from Canada. Maybe I can post these without crying. Those friends there are so precious to me. Wish I could see them more than just once a year.

I love these old grain elevators! What is it about them that draws me to them? Honestly, I want to print black and whites of these and hang them in our house. They are just lovely to me.

Farming is such a big part of the area we visit in Canada. It seems everyone is connected to it in someway. Usually by the time we arrive in the fall all the crops have been harvested. This year was a bit different. Farmers were still staying up all night trying to harvest their crops. It seems that this summer had been very wet and cold. We were fortunate enough to get to ride in the combine with our buddy Firmin. I realize that doing this day in and day out must get old, but for us it was so much FUN!!

He and Sharon are so dear to us. I wish we had many more hours to spend with the two of them.

Besides farming we did lots of visiting, tons of eating and even a little pumpkin carving at Auntie Cheryl's house. I never imagined I'd have so much fun.My favorite thing to do in Manitoba is visit Mrs. Phyllis. She's Cheryl's neighbor and she's just adorable. This lady should have been born in the south. Talk about southern hospitality...she's got it down to a perfection! Over the years, as we've sat at her kitchen table, we've had many cups of hot tea, perogies, homemade cakes and lots of homemade cookies. Oh! and I can't possibly forget the homemade sauerkraut! Talk about delicious! I love, love to visit with her and learn about her life. What a precious lady she is.Now everyone knows the real reason we get to go to Canada, right? It's to hunt, of course! Never will you see so many geese and ducks. Our dogs (and my husband) are in heaven!
I can't imagine anyone visiting here and not falling in love...with the prairie and with the people.Heaven just has to be a little bit like Shoal Lake.

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mcknightclan said...

Girl, I sure didn't mean to give you more to do! I just love to live vicariously thru your pictures! We used to live about 20 miles from the Canadian border when we lived in upstate New York and it has always amazed me how beautiful Canada is. It is so unique compared to the U.S.
I think a b&W of the Grain Elevators would be amazing in your new home. Surround yourself with things you love!
Thank you again for sharing!