Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A quiet afternoon

The last couple of weeks Emma and I have been able to meet some friends at the library while we wait on our big girls to dance. This is such a sweet time for us for many reasons. Emma enjoys her little friend while I chat with her mom. I also feel it's a very cherished second chance that God has given me with my friend. Cherish I do every moment I have with her. I wish there were many more (I don't think she's quite up to that yet! LOL). Today, though, our friends didn't make it. It was very, very quiet at the library because all the computers were down. What a perfect opportunity for me and Emma. She did puzzles and built with blocks and we read tons of books (or so it seemed). Two of which Emma picked out all by herself that were so very good I thought I needed to pass them along.

Here was the first book: Degas and the little dancer by Laurence Anholt. Part of our homeschool curriculum includes studying famous artists. What family of ballerinas would not look at Degas? This book was really sweet and gave a kind of personal glimpse of Degas. In the back was a brief history of Degas-perfect for a 6 year old.Who wouldn't want to read about mice living in a tree?? This was so cute! The mice have a special 'festival' to celebrate winter. In the process, two mice children discover some secret rooms beyond the attic. The Secret Staircase by Jill Barklem is just precious!

I do hope our friends show up next time we visit the library but just in case they don't we can can always make new friends in all the unread books!


Barbara said...

I sm glad you are back to your blogging as I love reading your notes. The books look great and I know Belle would love them too!
Barb McAlister

Grace at Home said...

Good choices, Emma! Both of these books sit on our home book shelves. I'm glad you have something special to do while your sisters dance...it can be hard waiting for them, I know. ;)

mcknightclan said...

What a sweet time that you get to share with your baby! I know you enjoy it!
Thank you so much for sharing, I have missed your blog (check it weekly for updates!)

mcknightclan said...