Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To have the faith of a child…

I happened to read my daughter's blog today. Wow! I'm continually amazed by her in so many ways. She's beautiful, smart, talented and oh so sweet. Most of all she has this relationship with the Lord that blows me away. I'm so comforted to know that her heart is right, that she 'gets it' and that I will be able to spend eternity with her in heaven one day. I wanted to share her post with you.

Monday, March 7, 2011


So, at Youth Group this week, I have to do the devotion. It isn't hard, because there is usually at the most, ten people. I thought, since you couldn't be there, that I would do it on here.

I am doing it on Jesus' return, and the tribulation. It is a scary thing, but people don't realize that it is the most wonderful day for us Christians that will ever, ever, EVER be! Jesus will take us up to Heaven, and we will be there for eternity with Him. We will have whole new bodies, and be able to do all the splits, home runs, and flips that you can ever do! It will be an ugly sight for all the non-believers and atheists, but that is why we have to keep going and spreading the Good News so that we can be in Heaven with everyone that we love. I do admit, I was scared to be in Heaven. I was scared about the day that Jesus is coming back. I wanted to make a bargain with God. I would pray and ask "God, if only You will let me get married. If only You will let me have children. If only I could live a long life, THEN You can come and take me to Heaven." I didn't want to go to be with God. I started to pray, and read my Bible more this year. God has given me a peace about the tribulation day. I will be ready to go spend eternity with Jesus. I want to worship Him every day. I will spend eternity with my great-grandmother. I will meet my great-grandfather. I can be with all the dogs that I ever had! It will be the best day in the world.

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Mermaid Maiden said...

Thank you Momma for posting this! I love you!