Monday, March 21, 2011

A Winter Exchange

I've got a dear friend that I've never person. I've gotten to know her through her blog. Last year she put together a mom's group with all of us online friends. We can chat on a forum, share ideas and even do exchanges. This was where we filled a box with 'happies'. You can make them or buy them. This year she and I did a winter exchange. I have to admit it's a bit difficult for me, tucked away in the deep south, to come up with ideas for a winter box, but I gave it a try. Another thing we try to incorporate is favorite colors. She likes earth tones, especially brown; her daughters like orange and aqua. I had so much fun working on these things for my friends.

For Kim, a little quilted pillow and journal. I know the pillow's not big, but the idea is to curl up on a winter day, get comfy and write in the journal.

Here are 2 little pillows for her girls.

Also for her and her girls, nature journals. My girls and I love to use water colors or oil pastels to try to capture nature. I can just imagine them looking out their window at the snow and adding to their nature journals.
Winter also makes me think of being in the kitchen- a big pot of soup simmering and bread in the oven. Here's a little dressy dish towel for their kitchen. (I apologize for how dirty my oven door was when I took this picture. LOL!)
Finally, in the depths of a cold winter we can't help but dream of spring. I made 3 tiny birds to remind them that spring would soon come to them.

Last was a miniature pin cushion. On those cold snowy nights I can imagine them sitting by the fire, sewing and mending.

I hope they enjoy the gifts as much as I enjoyed making them. I look forward to the next exchange with my friends.

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