Sunday, August 14, 2011

A family that plays together....

I love having our daughters home all the time. In fact it hurts my heart for them to go to a friend's house overnight. That probably sounds silly , especially since we homeschool and are around each other all the time. I just keep thinking that I may not have that much more time with them. One day they'll go off to start their own families. It won't be the same anymore. So, for now, we're sticking close together-for school, for worship and for fun.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon on the river water skiing-one of our favorite past times. I didn't learn to ski until I met my husband. While we were dating we spent the weekend with his grandparents on Pickwick Lake in NE Mississippi. His grandfather taught me to ski in the same boat Mark learned to ski with. It was a wonderful weekend. Fast forward to about 5 years ago. Mark bought a used ski boat. His idea was for us to make our own fun and keep our family together. The girls were so scared to try skiing. To keep the peace, I agreed to go first-on the original skis I'd learned on all those years ago. Did I mention I hadn't skied since I was in MS? Thankfully I got up the first time! Mary and Grace followed.

(the momma dog! aka me! LOL)
Emma (7yrs old) is the only left to learn to ski. She gave it a good try yesterday. Mark's dream is to pull all of us girls behind the old Master Craft at one time. Sounds good...but I think we'll need a river a bit bigger than ours. Lol!
(Me helping Emma with her first try)


(Grace and Me-my right ski was about to fall off at the time. LOL!)

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