Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Special Birthday

13 is a special year for a girl. You're right in the middle of wanting to be a girl and wanting to grow up. To celebrate Grace's milestone she decided on a swing dancing/ice cream social.

The cake was pretty easy. I borrowed an old 45 record from my dad, put toothpicks on the cake and set it on top.

We decorated the back porch with old records and balloons in black, silver and red. I set up tables for the food and drinks. We also had the Bose out there to play music. Thankfully the porch is wide enough to swing dance. When everyone was tired of that they played outside games-Capture the flag, sardines, etc. Later in the evening it started to rain so they all came inside and played more games and ate more food. :)

Grace, along with all her friends said they had a wonderful time. It did my heart good to make my baby girl happy and to have all her friends running around our house and yard. Happy birthday Gracie girl!

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