Friday, August 19, 2011

Have I shown you this???

Welcome friends to what I think of as the loveliest room in my home-my little sewing room. Some people call there's a studio but mine is a plain and simple sewing room. I wanted it to feel like you were walking into your Grandmother's attic. My love of old things is evident. I especially cherish those pieces with lots of memories. Around my room you'll find a quilt my grandmother made, a quilt made by Mark's great-grandmother, linens from Mark's grandmother, a table my father-in-law used for years and refinished for us and the christening gown I made.

The cradle at the foot of the wrought iron bed holds years worth of sewing magazines that I just can't part with.

If you happen to be counting, yes there are 3 sewing machines in my room. You see I share this room with my girls. I love to have them come in and sew with me.

I adore having pretty things to store all my clutter in. :) Around the room are hat boxes, baskets-both wicker and metal and an antique armoire that was my grandfather's.

I treasure my little room with the warm, yellow walls and the big window that lets the afternoon sun shine through. It's a perfect space to create in-surrounded by my girls and so many memories.


Lucy said...

What a beautiful room! I'm very jealous ;)

Amanda Pedro said...

what a great space! lovely