Monday, February 25, 2013

Apron Tutorial (kind of)

Recently Emma had to play a farmer in a skit for our library.  I looked everywhere for overalls in her size and couldn't find them.  The lady directing the skit had a little apron that Emma could borrow.  There was only one problem-it had John Deere fabric and there's no way Popie (my dad) could let his granddaughter wear John Deere.  He's all about Farmall (It's a Southern thing-everybody has their own preference of tractors-kind of like picking a football team).  What's a girl to do???  Make an apron in Farmall colors!
I went through the stash in my sewing room and found all the items I would need:

1 pair of old blue jeans(my size-or the size I wish I still wore)
about a 1/4 yard of red mini check fabric*
about a 1/4 yard of burlap*
Heat bond
*you may need more/less fabric.  I'm terrible at estimating quantities of fabric.

I cut the jeans apart right around the side (hip) seams and about an inch below the back pockets.  I used my Go! Baby (an amazing invention) to cut strips, 2 1/2 inches wide, of the red mini check fabric and also of the burlap.  For Emma, I needed 2 pieces around 45 inches of the red for the belt and 50 inches of the burlap for the ruffle.
Place the 2 belt pieces right sides together and sew both long sides and one short side (1/4 in seams).  Turn, iron and sew the one open side-tucking raw edges in.  I slid it through the belt loops and got it centered.  Then I sewed it to the jeans at both outside edges to keep it from slipping out.
I wanted the apron to look 'shabby chic' (more shabby than chic!) so I didn't finish the edges of the burlap ruffle.  I just eyeballed where the gathers (pleats, tucks, whatever you may call them) should go.  I sewed the raw edge of the burlap right to the top of the jeans.  I did go back and zigzag the edge so it wouldn't fray too much.  Gosh I love burlap!
For the hearts, I used my Go! Baby again, cutting 2 different sizes and applying Head Bond to all 4 hearts.  After ironing those on the pockets the little apron was finished!  
Emma proudly wore it with the Farmall t-shirt that Popie had given her which made everybody happy!

Here's a Farmall tractor like the ones my dad collects and restores.

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Grace Mattox said...

This is SO cute! I wish it fit me!