Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I never told you about New York!

For my eldest daughter's 16th birthday we surprised her (and the whole family) with a trip to New York City!  Mark was in the Middle East and was meeting us in NYC.  I revealed the destination in Atlanta.
Before leaving I made a booklet of all the places I thought we might want to visit.  I included the address, hours, prices, etc.  For the last flight I told Mary to look through this list and see what she really wanted to do
Here are Grace, Mary (the birthday girl) and Emma in Atlanta right after they found out where we were going.

The 9/11 Memorial-the one place I insisted that we see.  I was totally overcome with emotion as I read the names.  I don't know anyone personally who perished on this awful day, yet I cried uncontrollably as I walked through this beautiful monument.

Leave it to us girls to find the library!  We've managed to find one in every city we've ever been in! We just love the library.

Our hotel was in Time Square.  This was the view at night. Gorgeous!

One day we went to The Top of the Rock. What a n amazing panoramic look we had at the whole city!

We had to go see Central Park.  Here are the girls on our last day.
One of the 'must see' things was a Broadway show-Wicked!  We all love  the Wizard of Oz and couldn't wait to see this show.  It was amazing!!
We have to go to Hard Rock in every city/country that we visit.(that has one)   We're never been disappointed!

Here are me and the girls waiting on the subway to take us to Lincoln Center to the see NYC Ballet perform The Nutcracker.  It was so beautiful!
American Girl!  One of our favorite places!  This is the 3rd one we've seen.  They never grow old!


Miss ALK said...

Ooooh looks like so much fun! NYC is one of my favorite places to visit! My dad and I took a long weekend trip there in January (He is from Long Island and still has family in the area). :-)

Did you by chance stay at the Double Tree Times Square? That's our favorite hotel!

xoxo Miss ALK

Jazzmin said...

Wow, what an amazing family trip (and surprise)! Thankyou for sharing all of the beautiful photographs you took, and also your beautiful experience at the monument. I can only imagine how emotional it would be to stand there and read those names.

Blessings! Have a wonderful day :)