Friday, November 15, 2013

Canada Trip 2013

Our annual trip to Canada has come and gone.  The girls and I flew into Minot, North Dakota where Mark and all the puppies met us.  We had almost 3 weeks of family time-hunting, playing with the dogs and visiting our friends.  I say it every year, but it's always so bittersweet leaving.  Part of my heart is always left there in this beautiful country with these dear people.
Crossing the border

Grace and me on one of the flights

Emma got sick our first day there!  Her buddy Duke was trying to make her feel better

Me and Emma hanging out in the duck blind!

Our girl Thicket posing with a duck she fetched.

Mary, Emma, our friend Mrs. Phyllis, me and Grace

Emma catching up on some school reading on our drive back from Delta Beach.

Our favorite coffee shop and some of our favorite  people.  Mary, Emma, Mrs.Phyllis, Mr.Henry and Grace.

The one time of year we get to ice skate.  We had the whole rink to ourselves.

Grace and Emma lighting our paper lantern.

Emma got to go to school with her friend Samantha.  It was her first time in public school (she has only been home schooled).  She had a blast!

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Jazzmin said...

What a fun trip! I always love reading about the trips and family vacations that you share. I love travelling because I get that same feeling... like you are leaving your heart in a place when you have to leave. I think that's such a blessing and so beautiful that we can leave pieces of our hearts all over the world.
Glad y'all had a wonderful trip :)

I wanted to say thank you so much also for the comments you left this week- I always love reading them!

Blessings and hugs to you,