Sunday, December 2, 2007


(Levi & me after our 1st hunt in CA this year)

11 years ago we had a litter of 10 lab puppies. My job was to choose one to be our new hunting dog. I picked him out and named him "Levi". Over the next 3 years we had a love/hate relationship. He was so adorable but he loved to bark and chew and dig. Thankfully he finally grew out of most of that and became the dog we dreamed he'd be.

Over the years he's hunted in Texas, Louisiana and numerous times in Canada. This last trip to Manitoba was in October. He had developed cataracts, was becoming hard of hearing and didn't have that same old drive. He went on a few hunts then decided he'd rather hang out at the farm house with the girls-wearing his new Shoal Lake t-shirt and sleeping on Emma's soft pink blanket. Mark said he'd turned into a Moma's boy!

Here at home he "protected" us girls many nights while Mark was out of town. I also never worried about Mark on those long drives to Canada as long as Levi was riding in the back seat. He had his own unique way of keeping Mark awake on those drives. LOL!

I'm sorry to say that Levi, my little Fella, passed away Thanksgiving morning. He's left a huge void in our home, our family and our lives. This Thanksgiving Day I'm thankful for him-for the joy, the laughs and all the memories he's added to our family. He'll be greatly missed.
(Levi & Emma napping at the farm house in CA)


Christina said...

I am so sorry to hear about Levi. He sounds like a very special dog!

Barbara said...

Hey Tammy,
This is Barb, Lori's mom. I found your blog via Lori's and absolutely LOVE it. I am sorry to hear about Levi...I know how much dogs mean to a family. Just ask Lori about Snuggles and Yankee.
Thanks for being there for Lori.
Love ( said...

I'm so sorry for your loss of Levi. I know how very important a pet can be to one and I pray that you can have comfort and peace.