Sunday, December 9, 2007

Purling Pals

Last week we were invited to a dear friend's house to knit. She had invited several other mothers and daughters. Clara is the most talented knitter I've ever met-and the most humble. If you ask her if she sews or knits she'll respond, "a little". In reality she sews beautiful dresses for her daughter, knits bags, hats and intricate sweaters. She was so patient in teaching all the girls to cast on. I know how to knit a little but am anxious to learn more. Plus I enjoy the time set aside with friends to knit and visit at the same time. One of my girls is very new to knitting while the other has knitted small scarfs in the past. Both needed a refresher course and the fire stirred up inside to start knitting again.
Clara gave us all homework-to knit at least 4 inches. Grace and I have accomplished that while Mary has well surpassed the 4 inches. We can't wait to meet with our friends again this week.

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