Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy St Nicholas Day!

Recently a friend shared their tradition of celebrating St. Nicholas Day. I decided to read more about it.

Well, this was a fabulous book-very enlightening. "St. Nicholas was a real person-a fourth century bishop, a defender of the Christian faith, a model for sacrificial giving, a protector of children, and a true churchman."

In the spirit of giving, I decided to let the girls purchase 2 small gifts for their sisters. It was so sweet watching them shop and really reflect on what their siblings liked. I wrapped each of the gifts and kept them hidden. I also bought them a gift-Christmas pajamas. We talked and read about St. Nicholas for a couple of weeks. This morning they could barely wait to see what was in their stocking. Before taking a peek, we took a moment to talk. I asked them to name one thing about their sisters that they were thankful for and liked. The comments flowed smoothly-even from little Emma. Finally they opened their gifts.

Another thing we did was bake. The girls each chose a recipe and made it on her own. We put them in pretty bags and handed them out to the neighbors.

We like the tradion of St. Nicholas day so much-I know we'll celebrate again next year.

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Christina said...

We have that book, too. Though we have never celebrated St.Nicholas Day, we read the book every year and I love the idea. Maybe next year. Plus I love the picture of Snow White baking!