Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Mary!

I can't believe my first baby girl is 11 today! My how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that I was carrying around that chunky baby! Now she's almost as tall as me and a beautiful young lady.

Unfortunately she's sick today. Emma has passed along her cough and congestion. Hopefully Mary will be feeling better by this afternoon. She's drinking lots of hot tea, taking her vitamin C and resting. I've got a pot of chicken soup simmering for lunch.

We celebrated Mary's birthday on Saturday with another friend who had a birthday yesterday. We had planned to have all their friends meet at the outdoor ice skating rink. When we arrived early Saturday morning, it was 77 degrees (25 degrees C) and so humid you could feel the water dripping from the air! Not exactly perfect conditions for an outdoor rink. Still I was optimistic-that is until I actually saw the rink. There was so much water on it that it was running out the sides onto the sidewalk. The water on the ice was rippling from the breeze. Needless to say, I was in tears! I called as many of Mary's friends as I could to cancel. 2 girls had spent the night with us and we didn't have 2 other girl's phone numbers so we had to wait for them. In the mean time, they opened the rink. I couldn't believe it! We put all the kids in skates and sent them out. They actually made waves as their skates went through the water! LOL! Still they managed to skate for the two hours and actually have fun. Later we had cake and then pizza for lunch. What I thought was going to be a flop of a party actually turned out pretty well.


Christy said...

Happy Birthday Mary!!! You are such a beautiful, sweet young lady. Dean turned 9 on Sunday. Yall are growing up way too fast.
Tammy if you will send me your address to my regular e-mail account I will send out our Christmas Card your way. I lost our address books somewhere in the move and I am starting all over again. Thanks, Christy

Hope Foley said...

I enjoy looking over your blog. Looks like you all are having so much fun. I'm having my moments homeschooling the kids this year, but there are the good points here and there. Just hard to keep up with working part time still. Enjoyed seeing you all the other night. The girls are getting so big. Take care