Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas 2007!

This year Christmas at our house couldn't have been much better. I started to get stressed a few times, then thankfully I was able to put all of that behind me and concentrate on what was important-my family and the real meaning of Christmas.
We started the Sunday before Christmas with a visit to my father-in-law's. Unfortunately my mother-in-law has been battling cancer since June. We normally have a big family get together, but this year was different. I have to say I liked it even more. We had the 2 of them all to ourselves. My girls loved it and so did I! We exchanged gifts, then Grace read "The Night Before Christmas". It was such a sweet time together. We all shared chicken soup and a delicious dessert. It was just perfect!
Christmas Eve was another fabulous night! We decided not to have our usual big barn party. Instead we had our family and a few really close friends. That still ended up being over 30 people. We all ate at one big long table. Then Mark read the Christmas story from the Bible. Afterwards we all had communion. This was so special. Then we had the opportunity to speak of blessings, struggles, etc of 2007. We all had them but one stood out-Baby Ivee.(read their blog-Foley family). She has fought cancer for the last year (she was diagnosed just before Christmas 2006). Thankfully she's now in remission! God has blessed her family immensly. Through it all their faith has been strong. It was such a blessing to see this baby smiling and jabbering on the eve of our Lord's birth! Nothing could have been better! The icing on the cake was all of us caravaning over to my in-laws and caroling outside their house. Because of my mother-in-law's illness they weren't able to come, so we brought everything to them. I think my smile was permanently plastered on my face! God is so good! He allowed us to be with those dear to us to celebrate the birth of His son! It was a night I won't forget!

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