Monday, January 14, 2008

Potatoes + Dumplings = PEROGIES!!

I promised a post on perogies and here it is!

While staying at the Rupa's we ate dozens of perogies (and other tasty treats that I don't even know how to spell! LOL!). They are soooo delicious. I honestly could have eaten them 3 meals a day.

What is a perogy? I got this definition from Wikipedia:

Pierogi (also perogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, piroshke or pyrohy), from the Proto-Slavic "pir" (festivity) is the name most commonly used in English speaking areas to refer to a variety of Slavic semicircular (or, in some cuisines, square) stuffed dumplings of unleavened dough and varying ingredients. Their specific origins are unknown; though they have strong ties to Slavic culture, similar foods occur in many cultures across Europe and Asia.

I have to admit that before we went to Canada this last time, I tried my hand at making perogies on my own. They looked pretty good, but taste was a whole different story! I think I'm too used to making chicken and DUMPLINGS. They turned out way too thick and even rather dry. We ate them anyway since that was all there was for dinner! LOL! It didn't take many to fill us up.

This visit, Cheryl gave me step-by-step instructions using HER recipe. She made it look so easy. Of course it was fun making them with her because she's able to find humor in just about anything! The guys came up with their own little addition to the recipe. We'd had boiled shrimp the night before. They decided we should add the shrimp in with the potato filling for a South Alabama twist on the traditional perogy. We all thought they were fantastic!
Shortly after arriving back home, I decided I had to try to make them again (before I forgot how Cheryl did it!). Voila! They turned out almost as good as hers. At least this time we could eat and ENJOY them! The girls were very excited. I forgot to mention Emma is now known as the Perogy Princess (one day she ate a total of 8 perogies!). For Mark, the idea I can now make decent perogies is bittersweet-he just started a New Year's diet! Potatoes and dough don't happen to be on his menu list!

Okay Cheryl, next time I want to make the crepes with the cottage cheese filling. YUMMMM!!

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