Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Second Home

Two days after Christmas we left for our other home-Canada. For some reason we feel such a connection with this country. We both believe that God is calling us there but for what reason we do not know. We're patiently waiting for Him to reveal that.
This trip we were fortunate to stay with a family we had met on the last trip. I have to admit that I was apprehensive about coming in on them with 3 children and spending over a week in their home. I have to say that I've never felt more comfortable with another family. They treated us like kings and queens!
The girls were excited about camping out downstairs with their girls in the basement. They had everything they needed-bathroom, heater and a WII!!! As for me, my favorite place was at the table! LOL! Cheryl has to be the best cook in Canada. Taras in running a really close second! I probably gained 20lbs while I was there. That's okay because now I'm fat and happy! I even learned to make perogys the right way. I'll save that for another post.
I have to say that my favorite day was probably the simplest. Cheryl took us all across the street to meet her neighbor, Mrs. Phyllis. She's such a dear, sweet lady. One of her daughters is in from Scotland. She happens to make the Ukrainian Easter eggs. She showed us exactly how she does this. It's such an intricate art-I wish I'd paid more for the egg I bought! LOL! This daughter also does felting. She brought all her supplies out and gave us a quick tutorial on that too! What a talented lady. Mrs. Phyllis herself happens to have 2 cutter bees that she hatched in a jar. She and her husband have taken pictures of the cutter bees taking sections of flowers and leaves to line a tube where they lay their eggs. I never knew that a visit to a neighbors would end up being such an educational field trip!
The best was saved for last. Mrs. Phyllis made us hot tea and pulled out homemade fruitcake, perogys, quiches and pickles. It wasn't just the food, but the fellowship that was so special. She took time out of her day to welcome us and bless us. This is how I want to live.
From then on, we stayed happy and busy. All of us girls went over to a hill near the lake sledding. I had the time of my life. Granted I wasn't very pretty sledding, but gosh was it fun! Emma on the other hand, didn't sled at all. She had more important things to do-eat snow! She said from the beginning she was going to Canada to eat snow and that's just what she did! She kept a handful at all times.
The next day we went ice fishing. I was a little skeptical at first, but then I saw the huts with HEATERS! Our friend set up a fire on the lake and roasted hot dogs for lunch while sausage warmed on the heaters in the huts. I was dry and warm, hanging out with my family and my new dear Canadian friends. It was another fabulous day!
Just when I thought our trip couldn't get any better, New Year's day Cheryl and I headed off to Elkhorn and the SPA. I have never felt so relaxed in all my life! What a great way to start our new year off and I can't think of a better person to be with! After all the pampering we had a warm, filling lunch then headed back to reality! LOL!
The rest of our time was spent ice skating (Emma even got private lessons-thanks Julie!), snow skiing and hanging out with our buddies. The fellowship was no doubt the best part of the trip. I could have spent hours talking with Cheryl and Taras. These 2 are the most hospitable people we've been around. They opened their home and hearts to us and treated us like they've known us all their lives. They know the true meaning of southern hospitality and they've never set foot in the south! I left Canada with tears streaming down my face...looking ahead to our next trip in this wonderful place.

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