Saturday, January 26, 2008

Simple Treasures

Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that warm my heart the most- a sweet email from a friend, a wild flower (weed) from my 4 year old or an unexpected kiss on the check from my sweetheart. All of us need those little things to boost our spirits.
Lately my girls and I have been trying to learn how to knit. This has been difficult at times, especially for one of my girls. A couple of days ago I sat down with her to try to help her out. I felt so bad when I realized the simple mistake she was making that had caused her to have to rip out stitch after stitch. Once that was corrected, she was off. We recently purchased a children's knitting book that has quick projects for kids to make on their own. Grace and Mary both chose to knit owls.

We decided to listen to one of our school books on Librivox that day. We all gathered around the table with the laptop in the center, Emma playing a game at one end and the rest of us with knitting in our hands. The chapters flew by as our needles clicked out the stitches. Grace even commented on how much she enjoyed listening to Oliver Twist. I've decided to make this part of our daily schedule.

The results-better than normal narration and...
Mary's is green and Grace's white. The pleasure the girls received from completing a knitting project after so many failed attempts with other patterns, was immeasurable. We may never be accomplished enough to knit fancy sweaters and blankets, but we've definitely found peace and contentment in the simple treasures we've made with our new-found hobby.

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So cute! I'm wondering what book you used as I would love for my girls to learn to knit, too.
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