Saturday, January 19, 2008

SEW Sweet!

Lot's of people worry that homeschoolers don't get enough socialization. Well, we're here to prove them wrong! In fact, if you follow my posts, you probably wonder if we ever do school because we're out socializing so much! We manage to fit book work in too!

Friday afternoon was another day to socialize. My friend Sandy and her daughter Morgan invited us to lunch party. These two know how to throw a party and definitely know how to cook! We always jump at the opportunity to visit them because they go all out! Morgan makes menus and place cards; the table is set with fine china and candles; and Sandy always makes all of our favorites (anything she cooks is a favorite!). It's just lovely!
(the menu)

Yesterday was no exception. Sandy made Tortilla Soup and Squash Casserole (Mary's 2 favorites), black bean dip and quiche. Cookie dough ice cream was for dessert along with a wonderful homemade bread with cream cheese filling. Sandy said it didn't turn out-I gladly wrapped it up and brought it home with me!

We exchanged Christmas and birthday gifts. Then the girls built forts and houses out of pine straw. Sandy and I spent most of our time talking (my favorite thing!) and even sewing. I forced her into that. I brought some sewing with me and convinced her to sew too. We both made bags/purses.
( a purse for Emma)

I had such a nice time-I hated to have to leave. But, there's always next time-let's just hope it's really soon!

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Hope Foley said...

Hey Tammy,
Seems that we have alot in common. I love old things as well. Antiques are so sentimental to me. I would love to get together with you and the girls sometime. We are always looking for fun stuff to do. We don't get out that much, unless it is to go do medical stuff. The kids have rec day on some Thursdays and Britt has drama on the 1st or maybe its the 2nd Monday of every month. Anyway, I don't have your email. Mine is, so email me anytime. Talk to you soon.