Saturday, January 26, 2008

When life hands you lemons...

Make lemon zinger tea!!!! I felt like in the last couple of days I was handed a hole basket of lemons. It got me down for a bit, but then I remembered how much I really like lemons and made the most of them!
When I'm down, upset, nervous, etc I clean. I know that sounds crazy, but it makes me feel better. I get so much quiet time to myself to think and talk to God and actually be able to hear Him answer (b/c no one comes near for fear I'll recruit them to help clean too! LOL!). Needless to say my house is so clean and so is my mind and my heart. After all that cleaning I decided to do some stuff just for me. One of those things was making myself a teacup candle. I made these for friends as part of their Christmas baskets and just never got around to making my own. I know this seems simple, but I love candles and seeing one glowing in a teacup makes it even more special.

I also painted a mirror I had purchased a while back at a thrift store. It looks so pretty finally hanging on the wall. I got a good laugh while doing this project. Mary had put Emma in the tub for me to clean all the paint off of her. They both hollered for me to come upstairs quickly. Guess what I saw when I got to the bathroom?
The laughter from seeing Emma giving the kitten a bath with her made me want to laugh more. I knew just what I needed-to call Cheryl. This girl can make anything sound funny. We talked forever and I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. What a bright spot she is in my life. Suddenly the sun was shining on this rainy, dreary winter day.
The next time someone hands me lemons, I'll smile and just think of all the wonderful things that can come from something that initially seems so sour.

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