Monday, January 14, 2008

Our New Addition

Grace and I happen to be softies when it comes to animals. We just can't resist a cute little face. When we went to pick our dog up from boarding, our vet had several kittens looking for a home. Dr. Beth goes to the local animal shelter on a regular basis and rescues kittens and puppies. Then she tries to find good homes for them. She makes sure they are spayed and neutered before they go out, have their heartworm medicine and a big bag of food. We adopted our other cat, Lizzy, from her about a year ago.
Anyway, there was only one little female cat (Mark's one requirement). We held her and of course she was sweet and adorable. How could we possible leave her? We brought her home and have loved her ever since. Emma named her "Alice" from Alice in Wonderland! It fits her perfectly. Now, no more visits to the vet for me and Grace!

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Mom of the crew said...

Flirt looks like she is being a good mama! Alice is too cute, we can't wait to meet her.