Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nature Study-up close

The other day the girls and I were out working in the yard. Mary was mowing, Grace potting some flowers and Emma and I raking. All of a sudden, Emma spotted something...a baby bird!

She had fallen from her nest way up high in our Magnolia tree. I know not to touch a baby bird, but she was walking straight into the street. We knew she's get hit by a car if we didn't move her back. The momma bird (btw, they are Blue Jays) was flying all around trying to check out her baby. Emma was so distressed (see her face in the pic above), worrying about the little bird.

This little one seemed pretty strong. I'd like to think it was able to survive. We haven't seen it anymore in the yard. It was special for all of us to get to see a beautiful little creature like this up close.


TeacherBritt said...

We just found a fledgling yesterday and my girls were worried that it was abandoned. We ended up finding the nest at our neighbor's house across the street (the little one had hopped pretty far) So, all is well now with the baby bird... I should have taken pictures like you did. :) Your girls are precious... thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :)

Be Blessed,

Karen said...

Hi! I came here by way of Anna's blog (Pleasantview). I, too, am a mom of three girls. Two are grown and one still here that I also homeschool. We are in the south as well.
I've enjoyed visiting your blog.
We just had little birds learning to fly around here a couple of weeks ago. It's neat to watch God's wonderful creation.
Karen (Kindred Haven)