Saturday, May 10, 2008

Three Ballerinas

We have survived dance recital once again! I always enjoy the dances so much. I have to admit it does get a little hectic, but it's worth it. This year was the same, except I had a cold/sinus thing that drained me a bit.
The dances this year were just gorgeous! Our dance studio has some truly talented teachers. My girls have been taking there since they were little. They truly stress the child being creative, not just a perfect dancer. The classes are smaller and generally have sweet girls. All 3 girls have made several good friends over the years. That's another nice thing about being at one studio so long, they have a chance to develop relationships.
It's amazing to me to look at Mary dance. She's grown and changed so much. She is so incredibly talented when it comes to dancing. She certainly didn't get that from me! That's definitely from her daddy's side. Dance is her passion and it shows when she's on stage.

My sweet Gracie just unfolds on the stage. She was always such a shy child-until it came to performing. She practices almost daily at home. When recital comes, she's in her element. She feels the music and moves so gracefully to it. I'm in awe of her and this gift God has given her.

Little Emma-what can I say? This child was born wanting to dance-not just at home, but on the "big stage". She will readily admit that she wasn't scared or nervous about recital-just excited. She smiled the whole time. I look forward to watching her blossom just as her sisters are.


Christy said...

Hey Girl,
I did get your e-mail and I would love to work on designing you a banner. My Grandfather passed away this past weekend so things have been extra busy here with all of the arrangements for him. I am going out of town this weekend too, but when I get back I will start looking at some things we could do for you:)

Barbara said...

Lori sent us pictured of sweet Brittany and she was so pretty, I am sure Gracie was too. I so wanted to be there. Lori fell and has a bad sprained ankle so has been down for almost 3 weeks. We are going down on Thursday on our way to Brazil. Would love to see you!!