Thursday, May 1, 2008

Polka Dot Purses

This past weekend my sweetheart swept me away to Houston to spend some time with him. My dear friend, Sandy volunteered to keep the girls. As I was getting Emma's clothes together I realized that she didn't have an "overnight" bag. All of her bags were big and bulky or just small purses. I decided to whip one up for her. I just did a simple bag with 2 inside pockets and Velcro closure. She loved it and it was just the right size. I think we'll be using this bag a lot.

(The inside of Emma's bag)

Emma's polka dots looked so pretty, we decided to use them to make her friend Olivia a purse for her birthday. This happens to be the same fabric Olivia has for her bedding and curtains in her room. I also made her a crayon roll and we included a coloring book. Olivia is getting ready to go to England to visit family. Hopefully this will make the long plane ride easier.

(Olivia's purse and crayon roll)

(Emma and Olivia at her birthday party at the farm)

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