Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aboriginal Art

Today we went on a field trip to a local museum. We had such a good time! The tour started with a very talented Australian man singing and talking about "everything Australian". He told us about the animals-kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, etc. The didgeridoo music was the most fun. He even did a little sing-a-long.

Next we had a brief art tour. Some contemporary abstract art and some sculptures of wood and some pottery. Then we moved on to the really fun part-the art room. In this room, they were able to recreate Aboriginal art work. They did a border on one sheet of paper. On another colored sheet of paper they did an x-ray drawing of an animal. The art teacher had several examples of animals they could use, or they could come up with one of their own. I enjoyed doing this for my 3 year old. I was hoping she'd choose the simple crab, but instead she insisted on the turtle.

Of course no field trip would be complete without food. There was a beautiful large gazebo/pavilion outside the museum right next to a small pond. We spread out our picnic there. It was a great day-even the rain held off until we got home.


mom2aejsk said...

They look like they had so much fun! My girls were sad to have missed it. Talk to you soon,

Christina said...

Great pictures. It looks like so much fun!