Friday, March 2, 2007

The Gift of Time...

About 10 years ago I had a huge eye opening experience. My grandmother, who I loved dearly, had been taken to the hospital. My brother called to let me know and I mistakenly heard him say she had just died. I rushed with my husband and infant daughter to the hospital. All the time I was thinking about how I had not spent enough time with her lately and how I had been short with her, etc. When we arrived at the hospital I realized I had misunderstood. My brother said she "almost died". I knew at that moment that God had given me a second chance-more time with my dear Granny to truly appreciate her. I spent the next 3 years of her life visiting with her, loving her and sharing my daughters with her. When she passed away, I was there with her. I didn't regret a moment.

About a year ago we befriended a new family in our neighborhood. They're a wonderful group of 5 children who are truly dears! The year has flown by with playdates, nature studies, slumber parties and tea parties. It has been a wonderful year. I never knew 2 families could mesh in the way ours have. They told us about a month ago they needed to move back home temporarily to take care of some improvements on their previous home which is up for sale. I was surprised, rather shocked, that I took this news so hard. I was utterly depressed. My girls felt the same way. Well, week after week has gone by and there's always a reason why this family can't get moved back. Something keeps happening to prevent the move back to Georgia. I have to admit that we are thrilled every time we go by their house and see their car there.

Just today we met at the park for a picnic. The children had a fabulous time! They shared food, ran and played together. What a sweet time they had together making memories. Tonight as I reflected on the day the memories of my Granny came back. I know once again God has given me a gift of time. More precious time to spend with our friends. What a great God He is to give us little gifts, even when we probably don't deserve them.


mom2aejsk said...

We are also grateful for the extra time we have to spend with your family. We have tried very hard not to be emotional about this inevitable move but I lost it with your blog. I have tried to pretend it isn't going to be that bad but I know we are going to miss you guys terribly. As we move back let's pray for a quick sell of our house so we can return soon!

Christina said...

I know how hard it is to see that family go. As much as I know they are going to miss you guys terribly, I am looking forward to them being closer our way at least for a little while. Be consoled at least knowing that they will be heading back your way eventually.:)