Thursday, March 1, 2007

Love Letters from God

A friend recently told me of a Bible study she had with her girls ages 10 and 12. She told them that everytime they saw something beautiful or special to think of it as a personal love letter from God. One night the 10 year old was in bed and called her mom into the room. As the mother walked in to the completely dark room, she looked where her daughter was lying in bed and she was bathed in moonlight. It was as if a spotlight was shining only on her. Then the little girl quietly said, "Look mom, a love letter from God."
I thought that was the sweetest thing and really took it to heart. So many days go by that I get so caught up in the details of daily life that I don't notice God all around me.
Last week we went on a family vacation to Colorado. It was so gorgeous there. The girls were delighted with all the snow. The closest thing we have to snow in the deep south is the white sand at the beach! While in the mountains, I tried to remember to take time to soak up all the beauty. It's amazing that when you open your eyes and look you'll find God's love letters everywhere.

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mom2aejsk said...

I love the idea of Love letters from God, I'm going to share that with my crew.