Monday, October 6, 2008

Butter Cookies in Pixie Hollow

Friday is our favorite school day because we have the least amount of work to do. That means we have time for other interests.
Emma has been studying her alphabet with My Little Primer. For "B" we were supposed to make Ma's Butter Cookies but didn't have all the ingredients at the time. I finally remembered to purchase everything and Emma and I were in the kitchen cooking. This little girl loves to cook! I measured and she mixed. We both rolled them for the cookie sheet. Then I was left alone to wait for them to bake while she ran off with her sisters.
Mary and Grace know how interested Emma is right now in stories about fairies. Well, it seems they found some fairies for her at the Pixie Hollow Tree. She was so excited! They even helped her to make houses and beds for her imaginary fairies.
As soon as the cookies were done, I jumped on my bike and took them to the girls. What a perfect afternoon it was for a 4 year old with butter cookies and fairies. I think even her big sisters had fun.


Harman Family said...

Sounds like a great time. Wish we could have been there (especially for the butter cookies) Hope everyone is doing well. We miss you all very much.

We were in town this last weekend for a day for some doctors appointments for Lauren. She has continued to have major problems with her knee. We have been at a loss as to what to do. We went ot B'ham to see a pediatric rheumatologist who is one of the top docs in the country and he said that based upon everything that he saw he did not believe that Lauren had arthritis. That would be a great thing if he was able to tell us why she was continuing to have problems with her leg. He told Lauren "you are complicated". That helped alot (hint of sarcasim). Well, even thought we don't know all the answers as to why we do that Lauren's knee is very messed up. When she had her last surgery the doctor told us that there we three procedures that he felt Lauren needed to have in order to correct some of the physical problems she was having and fix the damage that had already been done. We met with him again Friday and based upon his recommendation we have made the decision to go ahead with 2 of the procedures. The first is called a lateral release. They will cut some muscle which will allow the knee cap to slid to one side where it suppose to be. The other one is a cartlidge transplant. During her last surgery they took some of the cells from her cartlidge and froze them. They will take those cells and grow new tissue that they will attach to the old tissue that has been damaged. Here's the bad part. It is a year recovery. You have to make sure that the cartlidge has time to attach and grow before you start using the leg, then we have lots and lots of therapy. We are looking at the surgery being between November 1 to November 13 sometime. We will know more when the docs call later this week. This probably means that most of our holiday plans will not happen or at least be put on hold. We will let you all know more when we know something more definate. Everyone else right now is doing well. We are getting ready for Christmas at the church and it is exciting, challenging and very busy. Anyway, we will talk with you all soon. Love ya.


Proverbs 31 wanna-be said...

This sounds like a day straight out of a Louisa May Alcott book! How sweet of Mary & Grace to spend so much time to make Emma's day filled with fairies & special treasures. The cookies look great too!

Grace at Home said...

Wish we were neighbors...I think my girls would love to spend time with yours!
Dee (