Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sewing Saturday

First of all, I didn't finish all of this on Saturday but the bulk of it was completed. We're heading to Canada this weekend and I wanted to take little things to some of the ladies I only see once a year. Kind of an early Christmas gift.

I'm so thankful for this tutorial which I've used bunches of times. Who doesn't need a new dishtowel? Another pin cushion/snippet bag. This is also a gift.

One more mini quilt. I'm loving the mitered corners.

Look! Finally I sewed something just for me. My own little pin cushion/snippet bag! I just love it.


Natalie said...

Those are sooo cool! I luv them!

Lil D said...

What great gifts.

I'm just stopping by to say thank you for the nice comment about my tutorial - thank you.