Friday, October 17, 2008

Harvest Celebration

It didn't matter that the temperature is still in the upper 80's (F), the grass is green and the leaves are no where near falling from the trees. We still had such nice time celebrating the season with some of our friends today at the barn.
Here's our table. The pumpkins are paper bags painted, stuffed with shredded paper and also included a little bottle of bubbles.It was so hot that the little kids enjoyed cooling off in the tub instead of bobbing for apples! LOL! I think they thought I just set the apples there so that they could reach them better. We never did "bob" for apples because every time I turned around another child already had an apple in his/her mouth! I'm glad they enjoyed my healthy snack.We didn't actually have a hay ride but the kids didn't seem to mind. Instead we spread a quilt in the back of Kubbie and Mary drove everyone around the property.

What would fall be without pumpkins? We don't believe in celebrating Halloween at all, so no jack-o-lanterns for us. Instead we used the carving of the pumpkins as a teaching time. We are a lot like pumpkins until we ask Jesus into our hearts. He comes in and scoops all the bad stuff out (scrap out the inside of the pumpkin) and fills us with His love (cut circles, diamonds etc in the pumpkin and put a candle inside ) so that we can shine with His light to the rest of the world.Today just happened to be my sweet friend Candice's birthday! We made her a pumpkin pie, complete with candles!

I had such a nice time visiting with my friends and watching our children have pure and simple fun together. What a nice way to ring in a new season.


Natalie said...

Thats really cool aunt tammy! I am glad you had a good time!


V and Co. said...

i'm glad i could help with the applique and binding! and thank you for liking my blog! your kind words mean a lot! :)-v

Grace at Home said...

This is so pretty! We will be having an Autumn fesival soon so I may have to borrow some of your ideas, like the pumpkin bags!
Dee (

Mermaid Maiden said...

That was SO much fun!!