Friday, October 17, 2008

Easing into quilting

Several years ago I took a couple of quilting classes. I really enjoyed them, but unfortunately never completed anything! During the class we'd get most of the quilt top done then I'd be sent home to finish it on my own. It just never happened. One thing was that I didn't understand how to do mitered corners.
Last year I found some little kits in my local quilting store. These were to make mini quilts-about the size of a pot holder. I thought this was something I could do. Once again, the corners threw me for a loop. Then I found this tutorial and my world has changed! I made 2 mini quilts for 2 birthday gifts. Now I'm ready to tackle the lap quilt that's been unfinished for about 4 years! Who knows, maybe I'll even graduate to a full size quilt one day!

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