Saturday, January 15, 2011

A first

Having 3 girls in our house, we've always had tons of dolls around. The girls have enjoyed dressing and undressing them time after time. You would think with all the sewing I do that I would have whipped up wardrobe after wardrobe for these little darlings. Uh...guess what? That's not the case at all. In fact, I've never even had a desire to sew doll clothes.

Recently we were at a local fabric store scanning through the pattern books. Emma kept pointing out doll patterns and begging to buy one. I tried to ignore her, but she's pretty persistent. Finally I looked and yes it was really cute. What sold me was the price-$.99. Okay I thought, I'll buy the pattern. Well, it didn't end there. Little Emma kept on reminding me that I had to make that dress. I gave in and let her pick out some fabric and I sat down to sew.
To my surprise, I really enjoyed making these miniature clothes. It was fast and oh so easy. When I unveiled the completed creation, Emma's eyes lite up as she said, "It's beautiful Mom!"
So...when she requested that I make a pretty little night gown too, I jumped right on it.
Making doll clothes might have just become another hobby of mine.

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Mermaid Maiden said...

Oh yes! I hope you can make more clothes for mine and Emma's doll closet!(: