Monday, January 10, 2011

River Route

My family and I are blessed to live in a quaint little town on a river in the deep south. Much of the property in the area is covered with a majestic canopy of giant oak trees and camellia bushes. In the spring you'll see azaleas, wisteria, dog wood and magnolia blossoms. At the turn of the century, the water from the many natural springs along both sides of the river was declared "the purest in the world" by several chemical companies in Chicago.

That's not the only thing our river is known for. It happens to remain the only river route mail delivery in the continental United States.

Boathouses grace each shore with a variety of styles of mailboxes attached to their docks. It's a pretty neat thing to go to the mailbox and watch the herons and pelicans while you wait for the mail to be delivered. Life is good!

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mcknightclan said...

So wish I was there to enjoy the balmy winter weather in South Alabama. Your new place looks wonderful. I am sure you are greatful to finally be at "home". =)