Monday, January 10, 2011

Is she really 7????

How can it be that 7 years have already passed since I first held that tiny baby in my arms? I honestly don't know where the time goes. It seems like just yesterday I was changing her she can read and is becoming more independent everyday. One thing hasn't changed-her sweet heart. She's one of the sweetest children I've ever known. She has such a kind and loving disposition. Most importantly is that she loves the Lord with a depth that most adults have never experienced. Now she's 7!

For her birthday she wanted red velvet cupcakes. We found this pan that made the cutest tiered cakes. She and Grace helped to decorate them.
For her special cake she once again chose cheese cake. Her favorite. We had pink punch, little sandwiches and of course ice cream.

One of the activities she and her friends did was to paint wooden picture frames. We took a group shot and sent one home with each girl.

She had all of her favorite friends over. They changed dress-ups so many times that I lost count. What dear friends she has. What a sweet age. She, like Mary said, "this was the best birthday party ever!" Until next year, I'm sure. :) Happy birthday to my little blessing.

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